Visby CEO to Talk Disruptive Force of Lightfield Cameras at VRS

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Looking ahead to Virtual Reality Strategy Conference 2016 on November 1-2 in San Francisco, top industry leaders representing some of the most innovative imaging companies will be present, including Lytro, Nokia, and Visby, a new company offering photorealistic 3D object rendering from every possible angle. Conference analyst, Alexis Macklin, asked Ryan Damm, CEO of Visby, to talk about lightfield cameras, … Read More

From Big Box Retail to the Big Sports: STRIVR CEO to Talk Training Workforces with VR

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STRIVR, a virtual reality solutions company that uses VR to train athletes and improve human performance in the workplace, has an approach that capitalizes on the oft-unacknowledged mental workout of football: memorizing plays and practicing them in perpetuity until they stick. Where practicing plays on the field or in a classroom setting becomes physically and mentally exhausting, as well as time consuming, … Read More

Pre-Conference Session to Discuss Diversity & Inclusion

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As VR/AR continues to grow, there is going to be a greater demand for content – both in terms of breadth and quality. To what extent is it important to make sure that diversity/inclusion are reflected in the process of content development? Leshawnda Larkin, Senior Marketing Consultant at Samsung, will moderate a lively pre-conference discussion Discovering A New World: The Color of Virtual Reality with: Clifton Dawson, CEO, Greenlight … Read More

VisionaryVR Co-Founder to Share Vision at VRS 2016

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Looking ahead to Virtual Reality Strategy Conference 2016 on November 1-2 in San Francisco, top industry leaders representing some of the most innovative companies, including AltspaceVR, Virtually Live, and VisionaryVR, will speak about how they are preparing for the new Experience Economy. Conference analyst, Alexis Macklin, asked Scharf about social interactions, community-building, and the future of content creation. 1. In what ways do you think social interactions on VR will change … Read More

Session Preview: Cities Building Opportunities for Businesses Through VR-Specific Programs

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The first cities that come to mind when considering where to start a new virtual reality studio or related technology company is often San Francisco, a city known for being a startup hub. The City of Atlanta, one of the sponsors of the Virtual Reality Strategy Conference 2016 (VRS), is trying to foster the same innovation and entrepreneurship through different initiatives available for startups and new businesses. … Read More