#VRS2016 Panel to Discuss Implications of 360-Degree Video Advertising

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Snapchat, the photo-sharing service turned social media network, published a 360-degree video advertisement last week to promote Sony’s premiere of “Don’t Breathe.” The ad was a short 10 second clip that leads to the full experience.
An important, and oft-overlooked aspect of the campaign is that the video is not housed on the app. Instead, Snapchat users had to swipe up to access the full video on another webpage.
Although this is not a new publishing platform for 360-degree video, it is another social medium that is welcoming the growth of 360-degree video. Snapchat is one of the most popular AR social apps and is recognized for its social interactivity. 360-degree video is a great way for users to interact with a brand beyond putting a filter on their photo.


Immersive social media and emerging media is very important to the development of VR and AR, and this is why Greenlight Insights is focusing a discussion about this topic at the Virtual Reality Strategy Conference in San Francisco on Nov. 1 and 2. Helping to lead this discussion is Snapchat Star Chris Carmichael. Carmichael has used Snapchat to generate a larger following through his funny, motivational storytelling snaps. He is recently created a new app, Slinger, hoping it will become the YouTube of vertical videos. Learn more at vrsconference.com