Legendary VFX Studio Prologue to Talk Strategic Planning for VR

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The conference team is excited to announce that Kimberly Cooper, CEO of Prologue Films and Prologue Immersive will be speaking at next month’s Virtual Reality Strategy Conference 2016.
Kimberly Cooper is a leading creative executive in the design and VFX industry. In 2003, Kimberly and Kyle Cooper founded Prologue, a design and technology company renowned for creating title sequences and VFX for motion pictures, television, gaming experiences and developing groundbreaking techniques in storytelling and branding. The team, as a collective, has worked on blockbuster titles and VFX sequences including Iron Man, Tron, Godzilla, X-Men, Star Trek, Marvel, Across the Universe, Twilight, the Academy Awards, and on projects for companies including Apple, Valve and Bungie.


Prologue Immersive // 2016 Reel from Prologue Films on Vimeo.

 In 2015, following her passion for the world of VR&AR, Kimberly Cooper founded Prologue Immersive, a VR&AR content creation and software development company. Prologue Immersive has been creating a variety of different VR content using illustrations, stop motion animation, 3D animation and data visualization. The company is renowned for having produced the first ever stop-motion 360 animated film in VR, “Memos from Hell” directed and produced by Kimberly Cooper, created by Kyle Cooper. The film was shot on a custom made 360 set with 3D printed characters and shot with a Ricoh Theta 360 camera.
Over the last three years, Kimberly and her team had to weigh the pros and cons of investing to create a VR&AR company. At VRS, Kimberly will share her process of developing and putting into action choices, including major organizational changes and large resource commitments, that will influence the long-term welfare of the Prologue.
To hear from Kimberly Cooper and other topic industry thought leaders, purchase your ticket to VRS while you still can!