Meet Conference Analyst Alexis Macklin

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As we get closer to the Virtual Reality Strategy Conference 2016 (VRS), the Greenlight Insights team is approaching curating the key discussion topics, sessions, and speakers with the same methodical and research-driven approach that has made it the leading market research company for the global VR industry.

VRS Conference Analyst, Alexis Macklin, has spent the last three months researching industry experts and developing sessions to create unique editorial that reflects Greenlight Insights’ category leadership, rigorous methodologies, and fresh perspective.

screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-10-45-39-amMacklin, a technology journalist by training, is an immersive entertainment analyst on the Greenlight Insights team with a long standing interest in virtual reality as a visual storyteller, helping lead the creative effort behind a journalistic VR project focused on immigration issues on the Arizona border. As an analyst, she currently covers the studio entertainment industry and is a thought-leader on virtual, augmented and mixed reality, as well as production software and cameras.
What are you looking forward to at VRS?

The team and I have put a lot of effort into creating sessions with original topics, many of which haven’t been discussed at other industry conferences and tradeshows. I look forward to the hard questions Greenlight analysts and the conference moderators will poise during the two-day event.

How is VRS different than other industry events?

Many virtual reality conferences have sessions focused on sharing knowledge about content development rather than traditional business topics, which reflects the embryonic state of the industry. At VRS, the sessions are focused on influencing business practices. The audience will primarily be executives that don’t normally attend VR “insider” events, so the mix of participants is quite extraordinary.

What is the hardest part about being a Conference Analyst for VRS?

The hardest part about being Conference Analyst is choosing the right speakers. Due to the strategic focus of the conference and Greenlight’s high standards for research-driven strategy, we have had to decline many requests to present. Great thought and effort has gone into researching, hand-picking, and vetting different speakers for the more than two dozen VRS sessions. My goals has been to bring new faces and voices into the conversation, so the audience should expect to hear thought leadership they can’t easily find anywhere else.