Session Preview: Cities Building Opportunities for Businesses Through VR-Specific Programs

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The first cities that come to mind when considering where to start a new virtual reality studio or related technology company is often San Francisco, a city known for being a startup hub.

The City of Atlanta, one of the sponsors of the Virtual Reality Strategy Conference 2016 (VRS), is trying to foster the same innovation and entrepreneurship through different initiatives available for startups and new businesses.

“The digital entertainment industry is changing constantly. Interest in virtual reality, in particular, has taken off, and we’re starting to see a lot of activity here with our content creators,” said Asante Bradford, digital entertainment and interactive media project manager for the Georgia Department of Economic Development, in an interview with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The Georgia Department of Economic Development offers tax credits up to 30 percent for film, television and digital entertainment businesses. This incentive is great for virtual reality content and asset creators like TRICK 3D, which will send executives to VRS.


“I love Atlanta’s business, tech, and creative communities because we’re inherently focused on innovating, and VR is a new, fertile ground to do just that – innovate and build new experiences and solutions that scale,” TRICK 3D CEO Chad Eikhoff said in an interview earlier this year.


Learn more about how cities and businesses can foster an innovative ecosystem at Virtual Reality Strategy Conference 2016 during the pre-conference session titled, ‘City Talk: How to Accelerate Local VR/AR Ecosystems’.