VisionaryVR Co-Founder to Share Vision at VRS 2016

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Looking ahead to Virtual Reality Strategy Conference 2016 on November 1-2 in San Francisco, top industry leaders representing some of the most innovative companies, including AltspaceVR, Virtually Live, and VisionaryVR, will speak about how they are preparing for the new Experience Economy.

Conference analyst, Alexis Macklin, asked Scharf about social interactions, community-building, and the future of content creation.

1. In what ways do you think social interactions on VR will change how consumers interact with social media?

Mark Zuckerberg was right when he said VR will be the most social platform. Social media as we know it today will look very different inside the social VR platforms of the future. It will probably be based largely on avatar interactions, either synchronously or asynchronously, instead of text and image based posts. This will allow for much more intimate and emotional engagements with our friends and family.

2. How can the VR community help each other improve the industry?

While platform wars are inevitable, a rising tide lifts all boats. It’s important to remember in these early days that the VR community still has a lot to prove to the general public in terms of why they need any kind of immersive technology. So let’s not get lost in arguing over whose HMD is better because most people don’t even know what an HMD is.

3. What is the biggest issue with VR content now and how can the industry strive to solve it?

A lot of content doesn’t take full advantage of everything that VR has to offer in terms of interactivity, immersion, etc. Naturally, this is because the modern VR industry is only a few years old, and it will take time to develop a new language that isn’t steeped in the old ways of doing things. Content creators should ask themselves why their content needs to be produced in VR. If the reason isn’t compelling enough, then they should find a new strategy.
To hear from Cosmo Scharf and other topic industry thought leaders, purchase your ticket to VRS today while you still can!