What Every Strategist Should Know After Microsoft Build Conference 2017

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Microsoft Build Conference 2017

Microsoft held its Build Conference on May 10 – 12, 2017. The annual conference held in Seattle, Washington is the company’s annual multi-day event aimed towards application engineers using Microsoft technologies. Although hosted for the development community, there are several important implications for the strategist who doesn’t live and breathe code.

Microsoft’s VR Plans Extend Beyond Richmond

Analysts have been anticipating the upcoming virtual reality headset for a while. However, what sets the Acer apart from its competition are the built-in motion sensors, so the Acer headset doesn’t require need external cameras to track its relative position in a room.

New Controllers Will Make Microsoft’s VR Rival The Competition

The Microsoft VR controllers will be fully tracked by sensors in the headset, instead of by external cameras or markers, unlike similar to offerings by Oculus or HTC.



The Microsoft VR controllers are expected to be available by the end of 2017.

Microsoft Story Remix Is For Consumers, Not Professionals

This week at its Build Conference 2017, Microsoft’s Story Remix, a new application that will be rolled into the initial Creators Update to Microsoft 10 lets users easily import 3D models into movies. Story Remix uses the personal data provided by the Microsoft Graph to select intelligently create thematic stories combining photos and videos, and 3D objects. Although Remix makes use of sophisticated artificial intelligence techniques, Microsoft is really aiming the new creation tool at families and a younger audience who want to quickly create videos with a soundtrack and some neat effects.

Leading Strategists to Convene at VRS 2017

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