VRS 2017 Conference Reflects VR’s Rapid Changes & Growing Impact

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The second annual Virtual Reality Strategy Conference hosted by Greenlight Insights takes place October 24th through the 26th with new focus-areas reflecting the VR and AR industry’s lightning fast changes and growing worldwide impact across industries. The event features over 80 speakers, 400+ expected attendees, state of the art VR/AR technology demos, and innovation tours at leading Silicon Valley companies. The conference takes place in the heart of San Francisco at the Hilton Financial District Hotel.

Greenlight Insights, the leader in virtual and augmented reality market research and analysis, will be leveraging its VR/AR market intelligence to introduce new focus-areas for the conference, including location-based virtual reality entertainment, artificial intelligence & VR, and the latest Android & iOS smartphone-based AR tech. Save up to $300 with Early Bird registration, available now.

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“VRS is unique among VR events in that it is developed through the course of our ongoing research leadership,” says Clifton Dawson, Founder & CEO of Greenlight Insights. “Our team and partners spend months researching, convening industry leaders, and curating a full program designed to tackle present and future challenges, from new platform adoption to content and channel unit economics to emerging opportunities.”

In addition to several new tracks at VRS 2017, the conference will feature a Solution Showcase & Expo. New to this year’s conference, the exhibition portion of VRS 2017 is where analysts, media, partners, and attendees connect to uncover the latest VR/AR technologies from top companies. Expo participants include VRgineers, Ultrahaptics, Retinad, VividWorks, Trick3D, Go Touch VR, cognitiveVR, and more.

New VR Arcade Summit Informs Effective Location-Based VR Strategy

One of the biggest developments at VRS is the co-located VR Arcade Summit 2017, dedicated to VR arcades, theaters, theme parks, and other out-of-home venues. The event will take place on October 26th and run alongside VRS 2017. The event is being co-produced by Virtual World Arcade, organizers of the annual VR Arcade Conference.

The launch of the VR Arcade Summit 2017 reflects the emergence of virtual reality for location-based entertainment, education, and out-of-home leisure use. Greenlight Insights has forecast that location-based virtual reality, including hardware, software, and services, will soon surpass $1 billion. A deep dive into VR’s various sectors is available in the 2017 VR Industry Report, co-authored by Greenlight Insights and Road to VR.

Already, content owners are experimenting with technologies, venue strategies, and business models to capture unprecedented levels of interest from consumers in trying virtual reality games, film, and interactive art. Disney, The VOID, IMAX, HTC and other industry leaders are playing an important role in driving the proliferation of location-based virtual reality venues around the globe.

View the VR Arcade Summit agenda here.

“We’re entering a period where every virtual reality content owner should be developing specific strategies and partners to capitalize on the rapid growth of location-based VR globally,” said Alexis Macklin, Analyst & VRS Program Chair. “At VR Arcade Summit 2017, we will provide attendees with critical knowledge that will help them put distinct tactics to work in their content and operational strategies.”

At VR Arcade Summit 2017, attendees will learn about current and future trends in the location-based virtual reality industry and take home actionable insights through industry-specific sessions across four tracks including content development, distribution, technology, and business strategy. In addition, they will have the opportunity to hear from Greenlight Insights analysts and industry leaders through exclusive keynotes.

This post originally appeared on Road To VR, a proud media sponsor of VRS 2017.