Sponsor Spotlight: TRICK 3D

Jason RheeNews, VRS Spotlight

trick 3d

With roots in commercial and original 3D film production, TRICK 3D has become a leader in creating high-quality virtual worlds for VR, AR and MR content. Operating out of Atlanta, Georgia, TRICK 3D has built upon industry innovation in the content creation sector with immersive storytelling dedicated to the brand being represented. The company’s 3D production services provide an accessible virtual environment for a brand’s current and future content. Applications utilizing TRICK 3D’s VR platform include Real Estate VR, a 3D-generated environment transforming any floor plan into a fleshed out virtual experience.

On October 25th at VRS, we’ll be talking about story; while storytelling has been in existence millennia, the production pipelines and ways we create and deliver these stories are fast-changing thanks, in part, to VR. On our VRS panel, we’re convening some of the minds tackling the creative, visual, auditory and technological challenges and discussing the opportunities these new pipelines create.

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Chad Eikhoff

Chad will be joining leaders from Amazon, THX and Georgia State University to discuss reinventing and scaling brands in the VR/AR era.

See the full agenda here.