Starbreeze Opening VR Center in Dubai

Alexis MacklinArcades, News

Starbreeze is expanding its location-based VR reach to Dubai.

Enterspace and Starbreeze Studios have partnered with the United Arab Emirates-based company to open the center. Enterspace, an LBE VR company owned by Starbreeze, will run operations and installations while Starbreeze Studios will be responsible for content.

Starbreeze acquired Enterspace earlier this year for 2 million Euros. The company already has two VR centers running in Sweden. Starbreeze will be the third major VR center in Dubai, joining The VOID and local immersive gaming park, Hub Zero.

Greenlight Insights expects location-based VR to become a major global sector of VR. In 2021, spending at VR arcades and dedicated facilities, VR enhancements to amusement parks, and other special-purpose VR installations will grow to $1.03B. This will lead to opportunities for advanced technology and premium VR experiences that would not be possible to use in-home.

Hear about the new Dubai location from Starbreeze Studios Global Director VR Brooks Brown at VR Arcade Summit on Oct. 26.