VR Arcade Spotlight: Virtuix Omni

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Mobility in virtual reality is a factor in the users’ experience that can make or break a location-based entertainment venue. Without enough space, the player faces the risk of tripping over wires and running into walls or feeling too congested in the given space. Virtuix Omni has developed a solution to prevent those limitations.

Operating out of Austin, Texas, Virtuix Omni has created a full-body treadmill that creates movement inputs for virtual reality experiences. The Virtuix Omni Platform simulates walking/running movements, immersing the user in full-body activity without leaving the 5 ft area that the platform reserves. The one of a kind platform is the ideal for VR arcade operators who are limited on space, but want to distribute more interactive content with their customer base. Location-based entertainment has a high investment tied to operations but Virtuix Omni’s solution reduces the needed space and overhead to operate along with lowering the risk of injury for the user.

We believe location-based VR entertainment is THE market for VR for many years to come, as it provides a far superior experience than what home VR can deliver. LBVRE can offer the holodeck experience that VR customers are looking for. With the Omni, we enable players to roam endless VR worlds without ever stopping for a border wall and experience multiplayer gameplay like first-person shooters safely and within a compact footprint.

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