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Grand Ballroom, 3rd Floor

A welcome from VRS emcee Brian Seth Hurst.

Brian Seth Hurst 
StoryTech Immersive

Greenlight Insights CEO Clifton Dawson will debut the company’s important new VR/AR market forecast and share his unique insights into consumer behavior towards VR/AR tech and immersive experiences.

clifton dawson
Clifton Dawson
Greenlight Insights

HTC and Unity are investing millions of dollars and the future of their companies on the next wave of the VR/AR industry. Company execs Rikard Steiber (HTC) and Tony Parisi (Unity) will share their perspectives on their strategies for “winning.”


Mark (1)
Rikard Steiber
‎President Viveport and SVP
Tony Parisi
Tony Parisi
Global Head of VR/AR

Currently, entertainment content has an unclear path to monetization. The Virtual Reality Company CEO Guy Primus will share his outlook on growth opportunities for VR entertainment content companies.

Guy Primus
The VR Company

Network with attendees and speakers.
How are top enterprise companies using immersive technology? Accenture Tech Labs’ Mary Hamilton and Greenlight CEO Clifton Dawson discuss the biggest growth opportunities for VR in enterprise.

Speaker:                                                    Moderator:
VRS 2017 Mary Hamilton, Accenture                 greenlight insights
Mary Hamilton                                     Clifton Dawson 
Managing Director                            CEO
Accenture Labs                                    Greenlight Insights


Where is the smart money being spent in VR/AR? Where’s the ROI? Leaders from three of the leading venture firms in VR/AR — HP Tech Ventures, Qualcomm Ventures and Youku Global Media Fund — will share what’s hot, what’s not, and what they will be watching in this sector in 2017-18.


VRS 2017 Richard Tapalaga                                   Angelo Del Priore
Richard Tapalaga                                                       Angelo Del Priore
Senior Investment Partner                                 Partner
Qualcomm Ventures                                              HP Ventures

Toby Zhang
Toby Zhang
Youku Global Media Fund


Cat Zakrzewski
The Wall Street Journal

Join attendees, speakers and the Greenlight Insights team for networking lunch.

12:00-12:30: Lunch Served
12:30-12:45: Research in Action: Becoming a Member
One-on-one with a Greenlight client to discuss how research has helped their company
12:45-1:15: Ask the Analyst: Oculus, Microsoft, and Beyond
Join the Greenlight analyst for an interactive discussion about recent industry news and the impact it will have for years to come.

The VR/AR opportunity is so big and complex that few companies can pull it off on their own. Partnering is often essential. Two leaders in building partnerships –Technicolor and StoryTech Immersive — will share their insights.

Speaker:                                                       Moderator:
download                   Brian-Edited2
Marcie Jastrow                                       Brian Hurst 
SVP Immersive Media                        CEO
Technicolor                                               StoryTech Immersive

VR is disrupting both entertainment and gaming industries. How can companies reinvent themselves for the new VR/AR era? How can they scale for the fast growing opportunity?  Leaders from Amazon, THX, Giant and Trick3D will share their insights.

Russ Schafer Photo (1)                   Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 3.07.21 PM
Russ Schafer                                            Chad Eikoff 
GM and SVP                                             CEO
THX                                                               Trick3D

Rudy Poat
Creative Director

Candice Alger
Former CEO
Giant Studios

What are the opportunities for Location Based VR Entertainment (LBVRE) content? Leaders from HP, Baobab and Framestore share their perspective on LBVRE and the best strategies for developing VR/AR content.

amy small                 unnamed (1)
Amy Small                                               Jonathan Flesher 
Global Head of VR                             Corporate Vice President
Framestore                                             Baobab Studios

Brooks Brown Starbreeze Studios
Brooks Brown
Global Director VR
Starbreeze Studios

Shannon Norrel
Office of the CTO, VR Evangelist
HP, Inc.

Network with attendees and speakers.
Want to learn the secrets of one of the most successful content marketing creators? Wired’s Peter Rubin dives deep into Framestore’s successful experimental marketing campaigns with Global Head of VR Amy Small.

Speaker:                                                 Moderator:

amy small              rubin_peter_468
Amy Small                                             Peter Rubin
Global Head of VR                           Senior Editor
Framestore                                          Wired

The worldwide opportunity for VR/AR is massive. China is already emerging as a leading market. Join Roy Taylor (AMD) and Ben Lang (Road to VR) to discuss what emerging regions have been important in 2017 and which ones are overlooked.

Speaker:                                                    Moderator:
VRS 2017 Roy Taylor, AMD                 Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 3.08.11 PM
Roy Taylor                                               Ben Lang 
Corporate Vice President            Executive Editor
AMD                                                          Road to VR


A recap from VRS Day 1 and a look ahead to Day 2.

clifton dawson
Clifton Dawson
Greenlight Insights

AR and VR have added new layers of entertainment, information and education to our lives in way that we have never experienced before. As VR/AR continues to grow, there is going to be a greater demand for content. In this growth, it is important to make sure that diversity  and inclusion (multi-cultural, multi-gender) is reflected in the process. It is imperative to see an ecosystem that is a reflection of our diverse country versus an interpretation.


clifton dawson                          alton
Clifton Dawson                                             Alton Glass
CEO                                                                      Founder
Greenlight Insights                                      Glassrock Entertainment

Jackson, 2nd Floor

Secret Location Senior VP Eric Shamlin discusses the challenges and strategies around VR content distribution for both brands and content creators.


VRS 2017 Eric Shamlin
Eric Shamlin
SVP Managing Director
Secret Location

Apple’s ARKit exposed millions of consumers to mobile AR and brands are looking to experiment with this cool new platform. Accenture’s Rori DuBoff will share the do’s and don’t’s of creating marketing content with ARKit with a special introduction by Greenlight Insights.

Rori DuBoff
Managing Director
Accenture Interactive

Virtual reality marketing content and ad placement is currently in experimental phases without a proven ROI. What analytics matter for marketers and advertisers? Can VR deliver on a successful ROI? Explore the answers to these questions with top executive from Lightsail VR, VRtigo, Anzio, and Accenture.


DSCF0074                          ben-peirce-headshot-e1506634945553
Matt Celia                                                          Ben Peirce
Creative Director                                          CEO
Lightsail VR                                                        Vrtigo

photo_2017-08-28_09-28-34                         Headahot3
Ben Fenster                                                   Kimberlee Archer
COO                                                                   VR Marketing, Partnerships, and Experiences
Anzu                                                                   Samsung Electronics America

Rori DuBoff
Managing Director
Accenture Interactive

3:00-3:20: Track, Measure & Understand Your VR/AR Experiences

Is an ad within VR as memorable as a regular digital ad? YuMe research, Retinad, RLTY CHK & Isobar hosted a weekend of gameplay to kick start the conversation.
Learn about advertising within “true” VR, and exactly how three different ad formats performed outside the lab. Unaided and aided recall are highlighted, with an emphasis on memorability the day after game play.

Learn About:

  • How the introduction of advertising affects the virtual experience
  • The difference in ad recall between three VR ad formats over a 24 hour period
  • Biometric measurement and the benefits of capturing emotional milestones in real time
AI will be a leading tool for VR advancement and companies are starting to incorporate AI technology today. Limitless CEO Tom Sanocki will share how AI will be used in VR content creation and how companies can start preparing now for using AI.

Tom Sanocki

Neurable CEO Ramses Alcaide highlights the power of brain-computer interfaces and how it could change the accessibility of VR applications.


Ramses Alcaide


Mason I&II, 2nd Floor

VR and AR technology is slowly transforming enterprise industries and B2B solutions. How will this continue to grow and should companies start investing now? Dell’s Gary Radburn will share the most influential ways that VR and AR will change the workforce. 

Gary Radburn (1)
Gary Radburn
Director of Workstation Virtualization, Commercial VR/AR

VR technology has expanded the productivity of top manufacturing companies to work faster and more efficiently. Hear about the lessons learned about VR design implementation from BMW, UltraHaptics, and VIMAEC.

2d06adb                            Robin Alter, Ultrahaptics
Patrick Dahms                                                 Robin Alter
Senior UX Engineer                                       VP, Strategic Partnerships
BMW                                                                     Ultrahaptics
Sanjay Mistry

Ben Delaney
Chief Analyst
Greenlight Insights

Enterprise will grow to be the biggest sector of their respective industry, but the road to growth is harder than it seems with some manufacturers and platform providers getting stuck in R&D. Hear from CEOs of companies that have established a presence in enterprise about how they implemented their solution in top Fortune 500 companies.

Scott Montgomerie CEO and Co-Founder                 Vinay Narayan_photo
Scott Montgomerie                          Vinay Naryan
CEO                                                            Executive Director of VR
ScopeAR                                                  HTC Vive

image1 (1)
Joanna Popper
Media and Tech Executive

Network with attendees and speakers.
The Director of Product from IBM’s Watson Developer Labs & AR/VR Labs will highlight the intersection between the emerging fields of AI and VR with use cases in science, training, therapy, rehabilitation, productivity, and education, including some of the work IBM Watson is doing with Interactive Speech Interfaces and Chatbots in VR.

Michael Ludden
Director of Product
IBM’s Watson Developer Labs & AR/VR Labs

VR/AR is being established as a useful productivity tool. But it also lends itself to data overload and security issues. What are the main data security risks that concern large companies? How can VR/AR providers combat them? We’ll hear from leading experts.

Rumman Chowdhury
Senior Principal, Artificial Intelligence

Hear from Accenture, the leading global professional services company, about the most successful enterprise VR applications and how your company can benefit.

Jason Welsh
Managing Director
Accenture Extended Reality

Jackson, 2nd Floor

Why are Fortune 500 companies investing in VR training? Leaders at HP will discuss the successes so far, and what improvements are needed.

randy-osborn (1)                                  Casale-0025-Edit-2
Randy Osborn                                                             Michael Casale
Chief Product & Technology Officer             Chief Science Office
BioFlightVR                                                                  STRIVR

Shannon Norrell
Office of the CTO, VR Evangelist
HP, Inc.

Currently, B2B marketing and sales are a time-consuming, expensive undertakings. VR is not only able to shorten the process, but save manufacturers money by bringing the product, no matter how large, to the potential customer. Kaon Interactive will discuss challenges, opportunities, and lessons learned when navigating VR B2B marketing.

Kaon Interactive
Gavin Finn
Kaon Interactive

Network with attendees and speakers.
The workplace of tomorrow is here with VR and AR bringing employees all around the world together. How are companies approaching telepresence and what is the benefit? Rachel Sibley from Leap Motion will lead a panel to explore workplace usage of VR/AR.

Rachel Sibley 
Former VP Product Marketing
Leap Motion

unnamed                              JaneFang (2)
Andrew Beall                                                     Jane Fang
CEO                                                                          Head of Mixed Reality Academy
WorldViz                                                               Microsoft

Executives from Trick3D and Holiday Inn discuss the success and challenges of using VR as a tool in hospitality from design to marketing.

Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 5.04.53 PM                2b4e9d0
Chad Eikhoff                                         Melissa McFarland
CEO                                                            Brand Design Program for Holiday Inn
Trick3D                                                    InterContinental Hotels Group

Jacqueline Diaz
Brand Experience Manager of Holiday Inn Americas
InterContinental Hotels Group

Amy Peck

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