What’s on the Horizon: Immersion with Facebook AR Studio

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Facebook AR Studio allows you to create filters that respond to your surroundings.

“The first augmented reality platform that becomes mainstream isn’t going to be glasses, it’s going to be camera,” says Mark Zuckerberg. This attitude goes against mainstream support for AR glasses. Perhaps, it reflects a more realistic, albeit lower-hanging opportunity to integrate AR into our everyday lives. This is an initiative Facebook has been growing and is at the point where … Read More

Announcement: VR Arcade Summit 2017

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VR Arcade

One-Day Intensive Event Offers Educational Sessions, Industry-Specific Training, and Networking September 14, 2017 –The global location-based virtual reality community will gather at VR Arcade Summit 2017 October 26 in San Francisco, California for a day of industry presentations, strategy workshops, and networking focused on accelerating the strategy development, technology partnerships, and content deals for the out-of-home VR market. The VR … Read More

VRS Spotlight: VRGineers

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Enterprises are working with virtual reality for training, design and testing purposes. VR applications have already been shown to cut costs and save time for enterprises, while providing effective solutions. According to Greenlight Insights’ 2017 VR Industry Report, enterprise Head-Mounted Displays (HMDs) are projected to reach over $5.3 million in total revenue A leading application for enterprise training in VR … Read More

VRS Spotlight: The Next Wave of High End VR

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We have all heard about the recent price cuts in the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, but what are the underlying implications of these major moves? Did lagging sales push HTC and Oculus to drop prices? What is going through these companies’ minds? Forbes contributor Charlie Fink offers an explanation based on public announcements from HTC President Rikard Steiber, who … Read More