Meet Conference Analyst Alexis Macklin

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As we get closer to the Virtual Reality Strategy Conference 2016 (VRS), the Greenlight Insights team is approaching curating the key discussion topics, sessions, and speakers with the same methodical and research-driven approach that has made it the leading market research company for the global VR industry. VRS Conference Analyst, Alexis Macklin, has spent the last three months researching industry experts and developing … Read More

Virtually Live Releases New App; CEO Tom Impallomeni to Speak at #VRS2016

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Racing fans can now get a first-look experience of what it is like to race Formula E cars in Virtually Live‘s first public VR application. The company’s free app in partnership with FIA Formula E is now available on the Steam Store. The experience will feature highlights from the 2015-2016 season at the Long Beach, Berlin and London ePrixs. The free VR experience will feature multiple … Read More

China’s Top Virtual Reality Lab Director to Present at VRS

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China’s prominence will be a key topic at the Virtual Reality Strategy Conference with executives from Tencent, YouKu, and Huawei in attendance. Register now. Researchers and Analysts from Greenlight Insight’s Beijing-office will also attend the conference. While China’s domestic VR ecosystem has begun to form a solid foundation, few could have anticipated its rapid emergence and importance to the industry. The VR industry in … Read More

Call for VR Strategy Paper Abstracts

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We are pleased to announce the call for abstracts for the Research Strategy Paper Showcase at the Virtual Reality Strategy Conference 2016 (VRS). VRS showcases cutting-edge research that in past conferences has been featured in top media outlets throughout the world, and has even changed the way virtual reality initiatives are analyzed (and are greenlit 😉 ). The showcase is … Read More