China’s Top Virtual Reality Lab Director to Present at VRS

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China’s prominence will be a key topic at the Virtual Reality Strategy Conference with executives from Tencent, YouKu, and Huawei in attendance. Register now. Researchers and Analysts from Greenlight Insight’s Beijing-office will also attend the conference. While China’s domestic VR ecosystem has begun to form a solid foundation, few could have anticipated its rapid emergence and importance to the industry. The VR industry in … Read More

Call for VR Strategy Paper Abstracts

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We are pleased to announce the call for abstracts for the Research Strategy Paper Showcase at the Virtual Reality Strategy Conference 2016 (VRS). VRS showcases cutting-edge research that in past conferences has been featured in top media outlets throughout the world, and has even changed the way virtual reality initiatives are analyzed (and are greenlit 😉 ). The showcase is … Read More

VRS Speaker Spotlight – Pete Blumel, The Rogue Initiative

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Pete Blumel, CEO of The Rogue Initiative, explains how virtual reality tech can enhance the moviegoing experience. Pete will be taking the stage at VRS on Wednesday, November 2nd. Get a taste of his views on Bloomberg West:

Gearing Up for VRS: Three Things You Needed to Know in August

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Lytro Releases First Footage Shot By VR Light Field Camera Lytro publicly released its first footage from its light field camera, Immerge. Light field cameras capture images with a sensor similar to video or photography cameras, but can reconstruct the image captured in 3D through measuring light rays hitting the sensor. This reconstruction process allows for the adjustment of focus after … Read More