Sponsor Spotlight: DODOcase

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Accessibility to virtual reality has become a primary restraint to mass adoption. According to Greenlight Insights’ 2017 Virtual Reality Industry Report, head-mounted displays (HMDs) will account for $43.4 billion of global revenue in 2021 – marking HMDs as largest segment of the industry. Households and education will be vital channels of distribution for affordable headsets and implementation into experiential education … Read More

Speaker Spotlight: Gary Radburn, Dell

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How will the integration of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality into work-life impact desk workers?  And what will VR and AR look like on a workstation? What features will be most desired? The answer matters a lot…especially to the world’s biggest tech solution providers, like Dell. At VRS Conference 2017,  we’ll talk to Dell’s Gary Radburn, Director of Workstation Visualization, … Read More

Sponsor Spotlight: Kaon Interactive

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kaon interactive

The current state of B2B marketing and sales solutions are time-consuming and expensive projects to take on. Virtual and augmented reality has allowed businesses to shorten this process in cost-efficient ways. Immersive technologies establish a connection between customer and product that is unprecedented. With the focus on efficient enterprise solutions for major hardware manufacturers like Oculus, there will be high … Read More

VR Arcade Spotlight: LuckyHammers

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Location-based virtual reality entertainment (LBVRE) has been a hot sector of the industry this year. Will the openings of the IMAX theater and recent investment from AMC Theaters, 2018 is being teed up for another year of growth in LBVRE. Greenlight Insights noted in their recent LBVRE Market Report that while there are thousands of virtual reality applications being developed … Read More