VRS Spotlight: Neurable

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Controllers, haptic devices, and gesture controls have dominated the VR and AR industries as inputs for their respective content. Boston-based, Neurable, plans to disrupt that. Earlier this summer, Neurable unveiled their brain-computer interface for virtual reality. This unprecedented technology allows developers to immerse their users by controlling objects with their thoughts in the virtual space. Brain-controlled inputs is an intuitive … Read More

Starbreeze Opening VR Center in Dubai

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Starbreeze is expanding its location-based VR reach to Dubai. Enterspace and Starbreeze Studios have partnered with the United Arab Emirates-based company to open the center. Enterspace, an LBE VR company owned by Starbreeze, will run operations and installations while Starbreeze Studios will be responsible for content. Starbreeze acquired Enterspace earlier this year for 2 million Euros. The company already has two VR centers … Read More

Speaker Spotlight: Shannon Norrell, HP

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Though HP is releasing a VR headset available to consumers on Oct. 17, HP is all-in on the enterprise. The HP PC backpack series has many use cases including gaming, location-based entertainment and namely, enterprise. The new Z VR Backpack is a workstation PC from automotive to real estate to engineering use cases. The PC backpack has the performance of a high-performing PC but with the convenience of no … Read More

Microsoft Announces Siri Competitor with Voice-Activated VR Experience

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By: Jason Rhee, Greenlight Insights  Microsoft announced a new program, Custom Speech Service, as a part of their Microsoft Cognitive Services. Custom Speech Service is a suite that amplifies innovation in artificial intelligence and machine learning. This software allows developers to implement custom speech recognition tools in their applications – improving user interaction. Alongside this announcement, Human Interact has debuted … Read More